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  • Speaking of backpacks manufacturing, you may think that the backpack process is similar to that of the clothing manufacturing. In fact, the backpack manufacturing is quite different from the artistic process of the clothing manufacturing. 

     A backpack from design to molding has a unique puppet art and a process that cannot be changed. Each sequence will affect the quality of the backpack. In terms of 的, the pupae process of the backpack includes the sequences such as materials selection, proofing, fixed samples, preparation, cutting molds, tailoring, ingredients printing, sewing, packaging and other sequences. A backpack is usually assembled by the stitching of hundreds of parts of components, and the complexity of its production is not metaphorical.

    Sewing is the most important sequence in the process of backpacking, which directly affects the quality of the entire backpack. The car seams are divided into the front of the car seam, the seam seams, the car seam ingredients, the filling of the car, the side of the car, the car seam accessories, the assembly accessories, the installation of the tie, the rear of the car, Bags, etc., each process is often important. Designing special backpacks even need to make some special art, such as stickers, composite, oil edges, glue, rivets, pumping, spraying, etc. If you want to make a quality backpack, you must strictly control each other..

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